Grupo Gentor is a private Corporation, based in Monterrey City, México; it was founded by Don Javier Garza Sepúlveda (Deceased). Gentor background comes since the founding of Grupo Monterrey, when Cervecería Cuauhtemoc S.A. was formed. Don Javier Garza Sepúlveda always participated as important shareholder and as a member of the Board of Directors in several Industrial Monterrey groups.

Energy Division – Grupo Gentor
In 1992 two companies were created:

  • Sistemas de Energía Internacional S. A. de C. V. (SEISA),
  • American Gentor Corporation (AGC).

In 2010, The Company E-Tech was integrated to the Energy Division, this company had a long 30 years in the USA market; specialized in the design and construction of residual heat recovery equipment for industrial processes.

Sistemas de Energía Internacional, S. A. de C. V.
Nowadays, SEISA has 8 installed and operating sites in México, 1 in Canada, and 1 in Colombia; providing so energy to Universities, Hospitals, and Companies in the pharmaceutical, paper and chemical industries; having a nominal capacity of 75 MW of electric power, and 450,000 pounds of steam per hour. In addition SEISA has developed several “Turn Key Projects” for important national and international companies in North America and in some other latitudes as Asia.

SEISA has a base of highly specialized professionals for the complete development of Generation and Cogeneration projects using Gas turbines and Natural Gas engines.

Having package Cogeneration plants allows SEISA to keep an adequate stock of spare parts and components to backup operation and maintenance of generation equipment and machinery; increasing so significantly the reliability of Generation and Cogeneration systems.

In this way SEISA provides customers requests of energy in an economic and reliable way, supporting our customers for keeping high competitive levels in their markets, because their manufacturing is done in a reliable and low cost energy environment.

Technologies used by SEISA are high efficient, setting the company on the cutting edge of Cogeneration Systems in México; generating “Clean Energy”; this is, generating more energy using a lower amount of basic fuel. “Less fuel means savings in Energy costs, and a decrease in the green house effect gases sent to the atmosphere”.

Towards Clean Development.
BENLESA is a waste to Energy Company, Transforming the Biogas formed in the Monterrey City landfill into electric energy, currently the plant has a nominal power generation capacity of 17 MW.
SEISA is committed to keep developing waste to energy and renewable energy projects not only for biogas recycling, but also in other fields applying the more advanced technology.

Generate wealth to our stakeholders, by mean of development of competitive and sustainable energy solutions.

To be the leading private Mexican energy solutions company.


  • Honesty and Ethics.
  • Team working.
  • Open for change.
  • Authonomy and Delegation.
  • Leadership and Motivation.
  • Drive and initiative.
  • Productivity and Efficiency.
  • Unity and Committment.
  • Quality and continuous improvement.



Contact Info

Av. E #101 Parque Industrial Almacentro

C.P. 66600 Apodaca, Nuevo León, México

Tel: (81) 8196-4400